Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Slowly but surely...

Let me just warn you, this is a long post...
Things are really coming along. Luke and I made it out to Florida on Sunday (the last two seats on the plane). Very good thing since contractors would be there at 8:00 Monday morning. We had a call on Saturday from Guy, who is doing our plumbing, to let us know the upstairs AC unit wasn't working. The AC guys showed up to put some new wires from the outside unit up to the second floor attic unit. They have to come early because of the heat and bring a skinny guy that can fit through the opening. I wonder if that is in the job description? The window installers were also coming to put in six windows that had been missing and were just boarded up for years. You can see here where all of the windows upstairs around the front of the house are GONE! 

These are the windows from the inside. 
(Don't even mention the black trim)

This is after the windows were replaced. I forgot to take a photo but Megan sent this one while the roofers were there the day we left. (that will be another post)

 Megan and I painted the dining room and let me tell you, it was a drastic change for the better. Below is the way it looked before. It was a really dark eggplant color which made the room feel small and dark.

This is the wall we had closed up

 Bye bye purple! We kept walking out of the room and turning around so we could admire it again.

Here is what it looks like now

The roofing tiles were also dropped off. They will begin on Monday while we are heading home. The stucco guys were there repairing some large areas.

Megan, Luke, and I took a day to just relax and go to the beach. It was the perfect day for it too, the water was 84 degrees.

Reed arrived Friday afternoon and spent most of Friday and Saturday putting IKEA dressers together. Yuck! He also put a door in the kitchen leading into the basement. The frame wasn't square of course, so he had to do lots of trimming.

We also have a couple of additions to the family... we knew there was a box turtle out in the sunken garden part of the yard. We named her Lizzie after the woman who built the home. After they cut the bougainvillea, she didn't have anywhere to find any shade so Luke and I decided we would put in a couple of plants, then a shelter, then a pond...

Then we discovered a second turtle. We named him Martin after Lizzie's husband who died on the Titanic. Of course we had to make the shelter bigger so they could both fit!

We went to The Garlic  for dinner on Sunday YUM!! and then headed out early Monday morning for Colorado. Major things are happening the next couple of weeks so I will have lots to share with you next time.

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