Friday, February 20, 2015

Long time no see...
So it's been awhile but there have been so many little projects going on but none of them finished, I just didn't feel like I could do a descent post. The biggest thing that has happened is that we had a asshole   new neighbor move in behind us. He immediately called code enforcement to complain about our leaning wall. It has been there for eighty eight years! Long story short, we had to remove seventy five feet of wall and are now going to have to remove another seventy five feet and replace it all with a new wall. Yes, the wall was leaning but it had never been a problem with any of the neighbors before so just a big surprise, (and a ton of unexpected expense). It was horrible watching the wall being torn down and it still makes me very upset every time I am there. I am just ready to get the wall back up and not have to look at him anymore. 
Here are some photos of the demo...

Aside from all of that, good things have been happening too. The front porch was really dangerous. It has been torn up, re-framed, leveled, and tiled. So much better than the fake Spanish tile that was on previously.


I painted the master bedroom and adjoining sleeping porch. I wasn't sure about the color but the room is so large and bright that I was able to use this really dark charcoal and I just love it.

Before: This room wasn't bad, but I wasn't liking the green with the rest of the house.


Both of the upstairs bathrooms have been re tiled and new sinks, shower and tub installed. This is the main hall bath.


During and After:


I finished the window bench in the breakfast room. My friend Laura had these "home away from home" pillows made for my Christmas gift. LOVE them!

The kitchen had tile over hardwood (who does that?) so we had the tile taken up. The floors underneath were in pretty rough shape and it was going to cost more to save them than to just put down new wood floors. We are working on that right now and hope to have that done before Spring break.

I finished painting and glazing the kitchen cabinets and can't wait to get them installed as soon as the floors are done. It's amazing the difference and you can do this to the ugliest of cabinets.  My carpenters were watching me glaze these and thought it was pretty cool.

The sheet rock work is being done in the garage apartment this week and it should really be taking shape by the time I get back out. The wall should be going up in about three to four weeks as well. Hooray!

I think we are truly on the home stretch. There will still be many things to do but they will be small and not urgent (I hope). At least it will be to the place that all of you can come and stay and be very comfortable. We are looking forward to that very much. 

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